Anterior Interior

by Tinty Music



What was the A-side ('Half the length of the chamber') is a bit of dark ambience, aided by an unhealthy bit of unanticipated tape saturation. (Fortunately, I had the presence of mind at the time to preserve it in digital form by copying the cassette dub back to DAT.)

The B-side (containing the two 'Tincture' pieces) is a bit calmer, more atmospheric. There would be several more 'Tinctures' (roughly a dozen in all), but the first seven (mostly excerpts from a longer version) were a bit rougher than the later iterations.

The DAT version of 'Half the length…' is also included as part of this digital download. It was meant to be a simple drone, intended primarily for background use, as nothing much seems to happen. As originally recorded, that's what it sounds like. (I'd like to be able to say it was just some smartass musical commentary on the state of ambient music at the time, but, alas, it was nothing that clever.)

NOTE: Because the original version of 'Half the length…' includes some pretty intense low end in spots, be sure to exercise caution when setting volume levels, so as not to damage your speakers. For reference, the low-end surges start peaking at around 7:30, 17:30, and 27:00, and last roughly two minutes each. (This *should* be less of a consideration with the cassette dub, as I used a bit of multi-band compression to tame the peaks to more reasonable levels—but you may wish to keep an eye on the volume, just in case.)

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Quotes from reviews of the original cassette:

"This is what I imagine it must sound like to be inside the Heating/Ventilation and Air-conditioning unit of a large military complex doing research on jet propulsion or particle acceleration." —Eskhatos (#2)

"I once owned an old refrigerator with a motor that was dying. Lying in bed, all I could hear was the dull repetitive hummm. That is not unlike listening to this." —AUTOreverse (#1)

"Anterior Interior…consists of a really loud drone piece…and two, shorter, stormier, more melodic tracks called 'Tincture #1' and 'Tincture #2'. When I listen to these 'Tincture' movements I imagine watching alien spaceships battle each other from some distant, weird planet…." —Burping Lula


released March 23, 2014

Originally released July 1995 as tmc 9501.

℗1995 Kevin J. O'Conner/Tinty Music.
New cover art ©2014 Kevin J. O'Conner.

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