Meditation one (heavily altered mix)

by Kevin J. O'Conner

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When Brian Eno and David Byrne recorded and released My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, samplers and sampling as we know it did not exist. By 1997, however, things had changed considerably. So, when I was preparing the original Meditations on the Inescapable Self for release in 1999, I left the original version of "Meditation one" off, since I did not want to have to worry about getting clearance for the portion of the radio call-in show that I'd used as part of the mix. (I also felt that the piece itself was not quite up to par, but that's another matter.)

Fortunately, the noise filters in today's audio editing software are really good. By selecting the noise print from the right part of the file, mixing in audio from another file, and doing a couple of other things, I was able to transform the original in such a way that the potentially offending samples would no longer be a problem. As a bonus, the track became far more interesting and listenable than the original.

Another iteration of the track appears on the forthcoming edition of Meditations on the Inescapable Self. I originally considered including this one, but I figured that adding a CD-length piece to something that was already the equivalent of a two-disc set would have been overkill. Hence, the decision to release it as a stand-alone track.


released March 10, 2014
Performed, mixed, recorded, and edited by Kevin J. O'Conner.

Originally recorded 26 September 1997.
Revamped, revised, and remixed 4 March 2014.

© & ℗ 2014 Kevin J. O'Conner. The copyright in this sound recording is owned by Kevin J. O'Conner. Original photograph ©2014 Kevin J. O'Conner. All rights reserved.

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