Slip mode

by Tinty Music



A collage of fragments from background loop files I'd made (but hadn't previously used) and rearranged bits from a recording of various noises created by doing various things to/with a turntable my friend Vincent Booth (RIP) rescued from a dumpster.

The editing was done in ProTools, hence the name 'Slip mode'.

In its original iteration, the piece began with a fragment from an audio demonstration/test CD produced when the format was still new. For this digital download, I have removed those 20 seconds or so. (It doesn't really add much to the piece, plus I don't want to get sued.)

That original iteration was originally included on my audio demo reel, as well as on a collection of music by members of the Sylvian mailing list. The latter was primarily made available to those participating in the compilation.


released March 31, 2014
Recorded, compiled, and edited October 1996 at the Art Institute of Seattle by Kevin J. O'Conner. Slightly edited and re-mastered 30 March 2014 by Kevin J. O'Conner.

℗1996 Kevin J. O'Conner.
Cover art ©2014 Kevin J. O'Conner.

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