The corners of My Room (2016 remaster)

by Tinty Music vs. My Room



An ambient collage I put together in November 2001 using material from my friend Vincent Booth's unreleased album, The Sun Ain't So Heavy. He had already asked me to work a bit more with the original 1996 master; when I obtained a copy of Sonic Foundry's Vegas in 2001, I used the material to help me become familiar with its workings. This 15-minute collage (of which he approved) was the result.

Sadly, Vincent died in April 2010; among his projects that never saw completion was The Sun Ain't So Heavy.

I no longer have a copy of the album, but I recently found the CD3 I made with this track on it. According to my notes, it contains elements from the following tracks: Canyon, Juicy Dub, My Room, Ego's Radar, Under Black, Amaha, and Drinking Coffee in Traffic. I completed the collage on 24 November 2001.

For this edition, I have made a few very small edits to the original piece, shortening it by 34 seconds.

The accompanying image is a screenshot from an unrelated video Vincent and I collaborated on (he provided the main footage; I overlaid some of my own video and added the music) in 2007.


released September 14, 2016
Compiled and edited by Kevin J. O'Conner, November 2001, from original material composed and performed by Vincent Booth (as My Room) for the unreleased 1996 album The Sun Ain't So Heavy..

Additional editing and remastering by Kevin J. O'Conner, July 2016, using SoundForge Pro for Mac on an iMac.

This version copyright © & ℗2016 Kevin J. O'Conner. Original source material © & ℗1996 Vincent Ray Booth a/k/a V. Sky (RIP).

Cover art ©2007, 2016 Kevin J. O'Conner.

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